Southwell Primary School

Southwell Primary School


Southwell‘s emphasis on play-based learning makes sure that children are taught in a secure physical environment that offers a wide and varied range of experiences that encourage development and learning. Play-based learning helps children organize and make sense of their worlds. In this type of teaching, students play with different objects on their own or together and use materials to create different objects.

Pre literacy skills are developed by rhyme, rhythm and repetition. This helps children build memory skills as well as lay the foundations for reading that help them differentiate the sounds that are essential to literacy.

Through focusing on the development of emotional and social skills , children build positive relationships and are able to interact with each other, express their concerns in a respectful and acceptable way, and to deal with conflict. Games that involve cooperative play help develop of emotional and social skills. feelings of belonging to the community. The feeling of being connected to the school makes learning easier for children.

Children need to be creative to solve their challenges. The play of imagination develops curiosity and helps develop creativity and problem-solving abilities.

The materials we utilize allow every child to take part in learning through play. Indoor and outdoor spaces offer high-quality experiences that encourage engagement and participation for each child. Classrooms are planned, equipped and designed to maximize children’s involvement and positive experiences and relationships with others.

Learning through play in the first years of life helps develop intellectual skills, thinking , and motivation. “Research has explored the importance of play for a child’s overall development and we know that play is closely associated with the development of intellectual skills, thinking and motivation.” Australian National Quality Standards.

Each learning area is clearly marked for families to be aware of the purpose of learning so that they can help support the child’s learning at home. We Are Learning To (WALT). This is done to clearly define what students are required to complete (WALT = the learning objective) and the things we can aid them in learning (WILF = success standards) to assist them to make better decisions on what they need to do in order to complete a task.

Play-based learning aids the development of language by engaging in conversation, asking questions and the introduction of unfamiliar terms.



In the science class, students from pre-primary has been studying plant seeds and seeds. They have been growing a range of different seeds both in dirt and wool. Additionally, our winter vegetable patch is now in full swing and we’re hopeful of harvesting delicious beetroot, silver-beet, and carrots in the near future.
If you’re a person with a green thumb’ and are willing to give up some of your time working with the preschoolers, we would like to meet with you.

Southwell Primary School has located very close to Perth Cash 4 Cars. you can check below Google Maps.