Spearwood Veterinary Hospital

Spearwood Veterinary Hospital

Welcome to Spearwood Veterinary Hospital

Dr. George Jackson and the team at Spearwood Veterinarian Hospital provide caring and high-quality veterinary treatment to Spearwood and the surrounding suburbs of the cities of Cockburn and Fremantle since the year 1980.

Spearwood Veterinary Hospital is open all hours of the day and offers a wide variety of veterinary services, including:

Vaccinations, Consultations, Desexing, General Surgery, Dental Surgery, Digital Xray, In House Laboratory, Puppy Preschool, Professional Dog & Cat Grooming, DIY Hydrobath Service, Cat Boarding, Microchipping, Pet Merchandise and Accessories.

We provide health treatment advice, which includes recommendations for flea, worming and diet needs for your pet.

Our veterinarian on call is available anytime during the day to offer health medical advice and when necessary, refer patients to an urgent clinic to receive treatment.

Spearwood Veterinary Hospital is a designed veterinary practice committed to providing the best standard of service to both the pet owner and their pets. The hospital is run by professionals and caring staff who are pet owners themselves, and appreciate the close connection between pet the pet owner and their pet.

Dr. George Jackson has owned and managed Spearwood Veterinarian Hospital for more than 30 years. His team of dedicated staff provide the suburbs in Cockburn and Fremantle, City of Cockburn and City of Fremantle including Spearwood, Coogee, Hamilton Hill, Hilton, South Lakes, Yangebup, Beeliar and the surrounding areas with caring and top-quality veterinary treatment at affordable prices. We provide assistance to the community by taking animals that have been injured and strays in addition to offering a discount for community services off our sterilisation rates.

There is a laboratory in our facility to ensure the speedy and effective processing of your pet’s blood tests, a state-of-the-art processing of xrays and a wide range of diagnostic and assistance equipment like Ultrasonic Dental Scaler, Pulse Oximeter blood pressure monitors, and infusion pumps intravenous.

If it’s for regular check-ups or microchip, behavioural guidance and wellness screen, and even an overnight stay at the hospital, you can rest sure that we’ll provide the best possible care for your pet.

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