Mannin Park

Manning Park

Manning Park in Spearwood is the ideal spot for your children to go to have a picnic and enjoy a day at the playground. The park is massive and has four parking spaces and plenty of grassy areas.

The play area itself is incredible, there is plenty to suit all age groups, stages and levels. The playground has shades sails across each section, and lots of trees to climb up as well. On the day we visited, it was hot, but it was a pleasant shaded area and the grass certainly helped bring the temperature down. The only issue I could consider is the location of the water fountain, which was right near to the playground, but in full sunlight. The kids almost burned themselves while turning it on, but it was it was a minor issue!

There are three areas of the playgroundthat offer amazing forts to climb or walking down. My children really enjoyed getting their imaginations going and had plenty of chances to play with smart plan.

Manning Park is the ideal location to take elderly relatives or people who are wheelchair bound since it’s accessible and has plenty of ramps, and accessible facilities. It’s an affordable alternative for all to enjoy enjoying the most adorable family members.

The landscape seems to last for ever and there are many ways to enjoy beautiful grass, and gorgeous outdoors. There are plenty of places to place rug and byo chairs and scattered tables, gazebos and BBQ facilities.Manning Park is surrounded by a lake I’m sure it’s flourishing during winter but it was sadly dry and somewhat sad while we were there.

The bathrooms appeared fresh and operated by electronic doors that always cause me to be a bit nervous when my four-year-old plows ahead using his eager fingers to press buttons! However, they were extremely well-maintained and functional.

There are many events that at Manning Park. City of Cockburn holds at Manning Park like the Spring Fair and the annual Teddy Bears Picnic. The city council was putting the stage on the day we were there.

The history that surrounded Manning Park is also very fascinating and to make a donation of gold coins it is possible to visit the impressive Azelia Ley homestead as well as the incredible museum close to the park. If you’re short on time, look out for the ruins that lie on the edge of the park that belong to early pioneers from WA.

Manning Park – Manning Lake Reserve
Azelia Road Spearwood

Manning Park has located very close to Perth Cash 4 Cars. you can check below Google Maps.