Omeo Wreck

Omeo Wreck

Coogee Maritime Trail

It is the first that is unique to Western Australia, the award-winning opens in a new tab the Coogee Maritime Trail is located around the Omeo Shipwreck and also includes snorkeling and diving underwater trail, as well as a land-based one.
The trails do not just provide the opportunity to experience our stunning sea life but they also give you the chance to inform and increase awareness of our important marine archaeology and maritime history. Just 25m from the shoreline The dive and snorkel trail starts from the Omeo shipwreck, and comprises:

  • Access to the underwater Omeo shipwreck
  • Gallery of underwater art
  • Artificial reef.

The trail starts in shallow water , and its westernmost portion can reach the maximum depth of 7 meters. The majority part of it is 2.5 to 5 meters deep, making it ideal for snorkelers as well as beginner divers.

The artificial reef and the underwater art works around the shipwreck make an unidirectional dive trail that provides an aquatic habitat. Underwater educational plaques provide information on the Omeo shipwreck and maritime history as well as life on the water in the region.

Please be aware of your snorkeling and diving:

  • Don’t take a stand or climb up any trail feature
  • Do not cut off or steal any part or part Omeo shipwreck
  • Don’t touch the marine life

The Omeo is a significant historical Iron steamship that is federally protected and standing or taking portions of it without permission is a violation of the Commonwealth Underwater Cultural Heritage Act 2018.

Parking, location, as well as access to trail

Parking and location

The Coogee Maritime Trail can be reached via Socrates Parade in North Coogee ( view Google mapopens in an entirely fresh window).

Parking is free at Socrates Parade and other nearby streets. Parking is available on the Chieftain Esplanade, and extends across the corner to the peninsular’s southern end. The parking lot and the Omeo Shipwreck on the Coogee Maritime Trail.

Parking at the Omeo
The City is currently working in conjunction with the owner and the developer of The Port Coogee estate to produce an updated Parking Management Plan. This will help guide the provision and control of parking in areas like the Marina Village and the development of the southern peninsula and will result in the provision of a significant amount of additional parking when these areas are being developed.

The City is planning to construct additional toilets for the public on Omeo Park Reserve (Omeo Park) adjacent to at the crossroads with Napoleon Parade and Chieftain Esplanade close to the entry point to the dive trail.

Parking at Coogee Beach
The City recognizes its position in Coogee Beach precinct, parking can be a problem. With all the amazing activities and various user groups, it’s time to review the needs for this area. The City is in talks together with Main Roads to seek to improve the overall enjoyable experience for users at Coogee Beach. This includes looking into improving the accessibility of vehicles and pedestrians from Cockburn Road and options for parking options.

The trail access

The snorkel and dive trail begins with the Omeo shipwreck, which is 200m to the west and follows the breakwater’s southern side.
The trail on land runs to the breakwater esplanade close to Socrates Parade in North Coogee.

The trail is easily accessable by walking along the beach at the northernmost point of Coogee Beach via the beach access trail via Perlinte View, North Coogee.

Wichtige note: The City has built a set of stairs for easy access. We strongly caution visitors from going over the breakwater rock and seawall to get to the underwater trail, for security reasons.

Toilets, facilities, and other amenities are close by.

The trail’s land-based area offers:

  • Undercover picnic tables
  • Many lawned areas.

There are a variety of services and facilities close by and accessible by foot, and some just a quick drive away. These include:

  • Cafes (eg. Dome Cafe, Beachpoint Cafe, Coogee Beach Cafe)
  • Port Coogee Shopping Centre
  • Toilets for public use, including Changing Place and baby change table*
  • Outdoor shower (located close to the steps for diving and also at Ngarkal Beach Water Park)

The nearest public toilets with the Changing Place as well as a baby change table, and an outdoor shower are accessible from Maraboo Loop, near the Ngarkal Beach Water Park (view Google Map). Toilets are also located on The Port Coogee Shopping Centre on Marine Parade.

Omeo Wreck has located very close to Perth Cash 4 Cars. you can check below Google Maps.