Happen to have a damaged, salvaged, or unwanted vehicle that you no longer want or use? Perth Cash 4 Cars will give you the best price possible for your junk car and even tow the car away free of charge! Stop losing money off your junk car with these easy tips below.

Endless Repairs: Many people end up investing more than the vehicle is worth when it’s old and in need of repairs constantly. It’s time to cut your losses and start investing in more reliable vehicle if you are visiting the automotive repair store more often than you should. Once a vehicle gets old, the engine and transmission operates poorly which can cost more than the car to repair. Instead of losing money on an old junk car, gain money by selling it and reinvesting the funds to a newer, more dependable vehicle.

Gathering Dust: You might have a car in your garage or driveway that just collecting dust for years after planning on passing the car along to your children. However, letting a car sit without it being driven can result to considerable damages over time by causing stress to the engine, depletes the battery, and corrodes the gas tank. If you have a car that’s not being driven regularly and it also has flat tires, it will ruin the rims of the vehicle. The most ideal course of action is to sell your old car to a junkyard since it will free up space in your driveway or garage, avoid long term damages and get the best deal for your vehicle.

Poor Repair: Cars that have missing parts like bumpers, headlights, taillights, or as significant structural damage are illegal to drive on the streets. Driving a vehicle in poor repair can put you at risk of getting fined by law enforcement or put yourself and others in danger.  If repairs can’t be made to make your old car street legal, it’s time to sell the junk car and make money off of it instead of lose money!

If any of these circumstances relate you to you, Call Perth Cash 4 Cars at 0402 637 636 or use request a free quote from us! We can tow away your car from your location free of charge and same day pick up! If you have a junk car or truck regardless of its age or condition, we are happy to help you make your life more pristine by taking it off your hands.