Every vehicle has its limits, no matter how much we take care of them. Whether it’s due to old age, reaching the mileage mark, or safety reasons. As its owner, you know best when it’s time to let your auto go. While getting rid of your old car is never an easy choice, there are a handful of options that you can take so you can make the most money for your old car.

The most common choices for getting rid of your car between selling it privately to another user or sending it to a scrap car removal company to get the best price for your pre-loved auto. This blog will give you a few pointers as to why it’s ideal to offer your old vehicle to a scrapyard rather than sell it privately, and, hopefully, will help you come to a decision on the best path to take in letting go of your partner on the road.

Here is why scrapping a car is better than selling it:

  • Quick and easy transaction
  • Scrapping has a safer market
  • You can sell junk vehicles without any trouble
  • It’s good for the environment

Let’s explain more…

Quick and easy transaction

Unlike some private purchasers, scrap car buyers are not picky when it comes to purchasing old vehicles being turned into their garages. That being said, if you have a car that’s already seen better days, then you might encounter a lot of hassle and inconvenience when you try to sell it, such as taking a long time to sell the vehicle, depreciating its value as time goes by. With most companies, you can just look for a scrap yard, have them take a look at your car, negotiate a deal, and get your quote!  Other companies now offer digital services, some due to the effects of the pandemic, so you can just go online for a faster and safer deal!

Scrapping has a safer market

When selling your old vehicle through a private transaction, a lot of rigorous safety precautions have to be taken into consideration first before striking an agreement with a potential buyer. Lots of background checks need to be done so you can be sure that the client is a legitimate one. Although research is also encouraged when looking for the ideal junkyard, it’s quite easier and safer to do because most car scrap removal companies are registered, so you can hold them accountable for any discrepancies that may occur in your transaction.

You can sell junk vehicles without any trouble

Simply by looking at its current state, you could already assume the estimated value of your car. It’s important to conduct intensive research during this phase, as you need to determine if the vehicle will still attract prospective buyers. Should you try and put your old car on the market, you would have to be prepared for problems that may arise, such as some of the concerns mentioned above: lowballing clients, decreasing resale value, and more! There’s a high chance that you won’t encounter these problems with scrap yards. They purchase old vehicles and junk cars quickly, even with serious complications such as constant repair issues, mileage of 150,000 and above, insufficient legal documents, and others.

It’s good for the environment

Since auto recyclers have specific environmental regulations in Victoria, companies now have to ensure that the procedures they perform on your old car are processed with ethical and environmentally-friendly standards, which include proper waste management and recycling of car materials, among others. Selling your used vehicle to scrap yards not only gives you extra cash, but you are also able to help the environment in your own, simple way!