Are you the owner of a vehicle that is no longer useful and just takes the space of your garage or driveway? Have you considered selling your old vehicle, but you need more information to proceed?

Fast Cash We at Perth Cash 4 Cars in Perth, we will pay cash on the next day for your car. We provide non-binding estimations over the telephone and we’ll inspect your vehicle and give you the most competitive price for the junk car you have.

Free Towing Service: Our tow trucks will take the vehicle inoperable or damaged from where it is and transport it to our scrap yard. We offer same-day pick up. Our towing service is completely free and we also offer times outside of our normal hours to be able to accommodate everyone.

Free Space: What better way to make space in your garage or yard than to eliminate the vehicle you has stopped running. The removal of the old vehicle can let you free up space in your garage to make room for workspace and storage space for tools or even a brand new vehicle!

Reduce expenses: Having an old non-functional vehicle could be taking a bite out of your costs, particularly in the event that you’re still able to get insurance on the vehicle. Older cars tend to use more fuel when used, and will require more repairs and maintenance.

Free of Worry: Have you had enough of the endless car problems? Older automobiles are more likely require repairs, which means that you’ll have to visit your mechanic more frequently. If you get rid of your scrap vehicle then you’ll relax and be stress-free!

For more information about junking your vehicle, Contact us.