Selling cars for cash has never been easier because now all a buyer needs to do is make taps and swipes on their smartphone and they can see the facts and price of the car they want. There’s also a flavorful of options when it comes to avenues for selling used cars.

As a consumer looking to sell your used SUV, you can opt to scout for private buyers online or advertise your car on different online platforms. But you also have the option to sell to a dealership or junkyard online or offline.
Since all the options differ, having professional tips for selling cars for cash can save you a lot of time and stress.

Know the Value of Your SUV

The first obvious thing to do when selling your used car is to know its value. With Google being available, this sounds simple but many times people have messed up in this first step.
To begin with, many SUV sellers run to dealerships to compare prices. What you must realize is that dealerships are in the money-making business and because of this, they will quote lower prices so they can make as much profit as possible.

Another common mistake when searching for prices is failure to prepare. You are expected to provide the model, make and mileage of your used USV and other options. Besides being honest about the description and true state of your vehicle, you should also have your concerns written as questions.

If you make use of the right sources, you will often be given a retail as well as a wholesale value of your SUV. The wholesale price is what many dealers will offer while the retail value is what you can expect from a private seller.

Preparing a Used SUV for Sale

After knowing the price of your used SUV, it’s prudent to take the next step of preparing it for sale. Get the paperwork ready in accordance to the rules in your state. If your car is usable, you may be required to have a title to transfer it to the buyer.

With private sales you can increase the value of your car by showing your maintenance records. An advantage to selling to a scrap yard online is that most of the paperwork will be done for you.

Dealer and Private Sale versus Scrapyard

Right from when you compare prices you notice that selling to a dealer or private sale has more advantages. However, this option is time-consuming and frenzied. If it’s not the paperwork giving you stress then it’s the advertisement process where you have to take some quality photos to showcase your car best, or the negotiation proces
If you are running on a strict schedule then it’s best to go with a scrapyard. Scrapyards, unlike what most people think, don’t just buy totally wrecked cars. Reputable junkyards buy used cars in whatever condition.
Having doubts whether you should scrap your car? Not sure about the right scrapyard to sell to? Visit and get all your concerns addressed.