Selling a car with a bad transmission can be a long, drawn-out, intimidating process, but it doesn’t have to be! Let us explain how to do it in the easiest and most profitable way possible.

9 Common Symptoms of a Bad Transmission

1. Difficulty in changing gears

If your car does not respond as quickly when you attempt to change gears. This can also happen when you are parked or in neutral and is one of the common signs your transmission is going out.

2. You can smell something burning from the transmission

This stench could mean your transmission is overheated or the transmission fluid is old and burned.

3. The transmission is noisy when in neutral

The noises could mean that the transmission fluid needs to be replaced or, worst-case scenario, the transmission has serious mechanical damage. 

4. Slipping gears

When you hear the engine revving during a gear change, you know your transmission has slipped. A delay in acceleration, unusual noises, and an overall unpleasant response when shifting gears are some of the other symptoms.

5. The clutch is dragging 

This happens when the clutch disk fails to release from the flywheel and causes the gears to clash. A mechanical failure or misplacement of the clutch is the most common cause of a dragging clutch.,

6. Leaking transmission fluid

If you see a red, oily fluid underneath your car after parking for a few hours, you should have a mechanic check the transmission fluid level. If it falls below the minimum level, then the transmission is leaking.

7. The Check Engine indicator lights up

When the dashboard check engine indicator is lighted, it can signal a range of minor and major automotive problems, including a faulty transmission.

8. When the gears change, there is a grinding or shaking sound

This usually happens in cars with automatic transmissions. Changing gears while driving will cause the transmission to grind and shake.

9. Strange noises while driving

Strange clunking, grinding, whining noise coming from below the car can mean a variety of mechanical issues, including a failing transmission.

How to Sell a Car With Transmission Problems

If you have a car with a bad transmission, the first step is to decide if you want to repair it or sell it. Transmission problems can range from moderate to severe. Before spending the money on a tow truck to take it over to a local mechanic, call them and explain the problem. Chances are they will have an idea of what’s wrong with it but will never know exactly what it is until they can get their hands on it and even open up the transmission. Nevertheless, explain the problem to them over the phone, and they will likely give you a range for the repair cost

Depending on the cost, it may be easier and more cost-effective to just sell your car with a bad transmission.

  • Sell your car to a junk car buyer

This is undoubtedly the most hassle-free way of getting rid of a car with transmission in bad condition. Considering all the costs of towing or rebuilding, it is likely this is the most cost-effective, too. Because junk car buyers know the value of scrap vehicles and know who to sell the parts to, you may be surprised at how much your car is worth.