Are you constantly trying to repair your car? If you have been doing this for a while now, you know it can be a costly venture. It may be time to ask yourself, ‘Is it worth fixing my car?’ A vehicle may break down for many reasons. 

Regardless of the cause, you’ll still have to pay for repairs. Vehicle repair costs can be higher than the value of the car itself. Once you start having car problems, more are likely to come up in the future. So the question remains, how long do you want to keep spending huge sums to keep your car running? 

Knowing what to do with a car that needs more repairs than it’s worth makes a massive difference for your wallet. Can’t decide whether to repair or replace a car? Can’t decide whether it is better to buy a new car or fix an old one? Read this article to find out if it is worth fixing an old car. Maybe, sell a damaged car is a better decision. 

When Is It Worth Fixing a Car?

Have you ever wondered, ‘Is my car worth fixing?’ It can be very frustrating when a car breaks down, but the first thing you have to think of is car repair costs. Before you embark on this journey, it helps to be informed. The reality is that you can end up spending thousands of dollars to repair a damaged vehicle. This doesn’t include the cost of labor or parts that you may need to replace. 

There are some factors to consider when you ask is it worth repairing my car. Here are a few questions to ask.

How much will it cost to fix up my car?

If you are trying to consider ‘Should I repair or replace my car?’ the first thing to think of is the cost. The best way to determine how much it would cost is by calling a mechanic. Trying to make an estimate based on past experiences can be disappointing. How much you spend will largely depend on the problem. Replacing parts will only increase your bill. 

If the car repairs cost more than a car is worth, it is better to replace it.

Will the issue arise again?

When it comes to cars, there are no guarantees. You may face the same issues even after replacing parts. If this happens, it may be a sign that you have to let go of the car. Otherwise, you only risk losing more money for fixing up a car.

How many parts have you replaced?

Over time, your car is more likely to give you more trouble. Before you know it, you could end up replacing almost all the original parts. Replacing some components may not only be costly but also reduce the value of a vehicle. In this case, if you choose what to do — to fix or sell a car — consider the second option.

What is the current value of your car?

Try to find the value of your vehicle in its current state. It may help you to answer the question, ‘Is it worth it to fix my car?’ You can ask a car dealer or junkyard how much your vehicle is worth. The value may vary for different buyers, so make sure you compare prices.

How much would it be worth once repaired?

Repairing a car will increase its value, right? Not exactly. The problem is that you may spend so much time paying the mechanic and buying new parts. Over time this amount may exceed the car’s value. In such cases, even if you were to sell the car, you would receive a smaller fee compared to what you’ve spent. Is it worth fixing an old car in such cases? No!

5 Cases When It’s Not Worth Repairing a Car

Still can’t decide whether to repair a car or buy a new one? When is it not worth repairing a car? Here are a few instances.

1. Bad engine

Have you asked yourself, ‘Should I fix my car or sell it if it has a bad engine?’ The best solution is to sell it! 

There are a few things that can indicate your engine is going bad. If you hear a strange sound or smell something burning, it’s a clear indication that something is wrong. If you keep driving a car in this condition, you risk having a blown engine. You may consider having a brand new engine, but, basically, it will just be unnecessary. It’s better to sell your car and get a new one.

2. Damaged transmission

When a transmission starts having problems, there are a few signs you can look out for. These include:

  • Unusual smells
  • Flickering lights
  • Strange sounds
  • Slow starts

In the beginning, these signs may not cause a lot of distress. But over time, things will become bad to the point where it stops working. Once you face any of these problems, you should attempt to resolve them immediately. Any delays could only worsen things so much that you just have to replace the transmission. This isn’t something you want to put yourself through. 

3. Distorted frames

One of the hardest things to fix is damaged frames. The frame is what holds the car together. Any slight damage could render your vehicle unsafe. If that’s the issue your vehicle has, is it better to repair or sell your car? The truth is that even if you decide to fix the car, it will never go back to its original state. To make things worse, you risk serious injury if another accident happens.

4. If you have a hybrid battery

Hybrid batteries may be fuel-efficient. However, they can be quite expensive. So if you have a vehicle with this type of battery and you decide whether to fix or replace a car, you may want to reconsider repairing it. The good thing is that hybrid batteries last long, approximately ten years. But once lifespan expires, your car may start malfunctioning. Should this happen, it may be time to sell your vehicle.

5. Deployed airbag

Getting new airbags is expensive. You may spend thousands of dollars when replacing airbags, excluding what you pay the mechanic. Even if you buy the airbags, replacing them requires an expert. So there’s just no way of reducing the expenses. You’re better off selling the car to a junkyard.