PathWest Fremantle

PathWest Fremantle

PathWest is dedicated to improving the health and justice system in WA by providing distinctive vital and top-quality pathology and forensics services to the people of WA.

With more than 2300 professional and highly skilled staff, PathWest is well placed to address the needs of our customers and communities. We make a impact on our customers and communities which includes our clinicians, WA Police Force (WAPF) State Coroner, WA justice system commercial clients and, of course our patients.

Every every year PathWest conducts over 19 million screening tests ranging from routine to highly-specialized screening.


The services of pathology are available to people throughout their lives. Every person begins their pathology journey in the beginning and in some cases, getting their first test when still in the uterus, or through an Newborn Testing for Bloodspots Program in the days following the birth. This connection continues throughout the course of a person’s life and sometimes even beyond The forensic team is responsible for seeking answers for families grieving when they lose loved ones.

A service that is available across the country.

  • 9 metropolitan laboratories
  • 18 regional labs from 18 regional
  • 24 metropolitan collection points
  • 50 regional collections points
  • 1 laboratory for forensic biology
  • 1 manufacturing facility for media

The only public pathology clinic in the State of Washington, PathWest is able to provide services across the metropolitan and regional WA across the state – to as far north as Kununurra and as far south as Esperance towards the South, and all the way to Esperance in the south.

PathWest is responsible for a variety of Statewide services like services like the State Mortuary, Statewide Perinatal Pathology Service and the Statewide Newborn Bloodspot Screening Service so regardless of where you live located in WA, PathWest services are accessible.

PathWest is dedicated to educating and training the medical and scientific workforce of tomorrow and is proud to be an educational institution of choice.

PathWest’s commitment to the teaching and training of its staff is vital to the growth of future employees and gives them the opportunity to bring new ways of thinking and a new approach to the company through a variety of programs for training that are designed to guarantee the highest levels of proficiency as well as knowledge, competence and proficiency.

Pathology registrar training

PathWest is determined to invest in the leaders of the clinic of the future with the annual intake of registrars who have decided to pursue a career in pathology as expert pathologists. Consultants in Anatomical pathology, Biochemistry Diagnostic Genomics, Forensic pathology and haematology Immunology and Microbiology assume an oversight role and provide the training in an apprenticeship format, which helps ensure that registrars receive training at the highest standards in their chosen field. The advanced pathology education leads into certification to become a certified pathologist as well as a Fellow of the Royal College of Pathologists of Australasia (RCPA).

Professional placements

PathWest continues to aid the Curtin University’s Laboratory Medicine program, by providing professional training. This program was the minimum entry requirement to be employed as a medical scientist and was the only one that was accredited through the Australian Institute of Medical Scientists (AIMS) in WA.

PathWest is committed to assisting AIMS-accredited universities when resources permit. By encouraging a competitive atmosphere and a skilled cohort students will become readily available for employment opportunities in the future. The business benefits by expanding its reach to prospective employees as well as by developing professional connections with institutions that will educate the future workforce.

Certificate III in Pathology Collection

PathWest has been offering Phlebotomy classes to the public for over 20 years. We offer a phlebotomy program that is accredited by partnering with the North Metropolitan Health Services’ (NMHS) Registered Training Organisation. The program that is accredited was launched at the beginning of May in 2014 and since then has resulted in 162 graduates who have the Certificate III qualification. Find out more about registering for the Certificate III in Pathology collection.

Aboriginal scholarships

PathWest is committed to enhancing Aboriginal participation in its workforce, with a focus on the frontline areas of service. In March of 2016, PathWest introduced an Aboriginal scholarship program, with four awards each year. These scholarships enable those who are successful to take the six-week certificate III of the Pathology Collection course.

All course fees and expenses, including textbooks, workbooks and vaccines are included.

Find out more about the application procedure for an Aboriginal scholarship.

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