For people who are always on the lookout of providing their vehicles with a different look, car wrap has come as a blessing in disguise. With the availability of thousands of unique designs and colour combinations, a different look can be given to a vehicle altogether. People looking to showcase their personality with the vehicles they own often take the help of car wrapping. Before a person decides to go for a car wrap he/she needs to decide the purpose for which he/she needs the wrapping to be done.

Car Wrapping for Commercial Purpose

By getting the entire fleet of vehicles wrapped appropriately helps in ensuring that everyone knows about the logo of the company. If a car wrapping is done appropriately then it can make an organization stand out along with increasing the awareness of the brand. Some of the cars wrapping services are as follows:

Printed Vehicle Wraps: Several purposes can be served by a well-printed vehicle wrap. If a business is looking to increase the number of customers or needs some support in branding a unique design solution not only helps in attaining the desired result, but it can also increase profits. Also, car wrapping is one of the best ways to advertise one’s business. It can provide a glossy finish to the quality services being provided by the organization. It can also be considered as the long term solution to the problem of constant advertising to grow a business. This can lead to saving the money which was earlier being used for branding and advertising.

Street Wraps: They are inclusive of the following wraps:

Colour change wraps: several wraps can transform the overall look of the car. Although getting a car wrap done is an expensive thing however with us it costs around a fraction of what re-spray can cost. If a person did not like the colour and the design then he/she may quickly restore the original look of the car.

Carbon fibre wraps: there are lots of benefits that are available for effect carbon fibre wraps give. It has a premium satin finish along with a woven effect. Our technicians are appropriately equipped with the latest technology so that they are not only cost-effective but the best carbon fibre wraps.

Cheaper carbon fibre wraps available in the market comprise of simple patterns printed on the film for providing a classic look. Another advantage that is associated with the carbon fibre wrap is that it covers and protects the paintwork from dust, dirt, industrial fallout, blemishes, and scratches. The most beautiful thing which carbon fibre wrap offers a customer is that if they want to sell the vehicle in its original form then it can get easily removed as well without any damage to the car or its paint. For making an impact the entire car is not required to be covered with the wraps.

Roof wraps: If a person is looking for a style that is entirely different from the other people’s taste then he/she can go for the vinyl roof wrapping. The roof of the vehicle is always directly in contact with the harsh conditions being offered by the climate like extreme winters or summers. Thus to protect the roof a person can opt for a stylish roof wrap as it can protect the roof from bird droppings, tar deposits and tree saps. The best thing which is being offered by this roof wrap is that it is easily removable.

Dechroming wrap: there are times when people wanted to remove the chrome trim from their cars, but they were afraid that it might damage their car or vehicle. The process of coating, hiding, or covering the chrome with vinyl is called dechroming. The most common colour opted by people who are going for dechroming is matt black.


Apart from offering several benefits car wrappings have some cons as well. Given below are some of the cons associated with car wrappings.

The dramatic change in the colour: although when a car gets wrapped with the colour of one’s choice it looks majestic, eventually there might be a change in the colour of the wrap. This change of colour happens due to scratches and scruffs. If the wrap continuously undergoes damages then the overall finish of the wrap gets affected and it loses its shine.

Legalities: before getting a complete body wrap of the car which drastically changes the appearance and the colour of the car one needs to inform the DVLA along with the insurance companies. This process can be very tedious if a person is looking to change the appearance only for a shorter period.

All the wraps are not equally created: if a person is looking to get car wrapping done on a strict budget then he/she would get the service according to the money paid. There would remarkable change in the quality and the overall finish which would eventually not look as per the expectations of the customer. In such cases, a person going for car wrapping for his/her business might not attain the desired result of standing out from the crowd.