Manning Stairs

Manning Stairs

Manning Stairs, lookouts, and the Manning Ridge are new additions to the city’s list of tourist attractions. The 192 steps wind to the top of Manning Ridge. The City has built two lookouts on the top, which provide stunning panoramas of Darling Scarp and Cockburn Sound.

More About Manning stairs and viewpoints

Manning Park stairs and lookouts Manning Park stairs and lookouts are located in the gorgeous Manning Park Reserve, which features a beautiful lake, barbecue and picnic facilities. The park hosts various occasions. The lookouts have stunning views of Jervoise Bay Cockburn Sound and the Darling Scarp. From the property to lookouts by Davilak Trail Davilak Trail is around one mile. It is worth it to visit the Manning Stairs are a popular location for exercising. We suggest using the stairs in daylight hours as there is there isn’t any lighting.

The reconstructed cement and limestone stairs are made up of 192 steps with 5 landings, 4 seats and are Cockburn’s interpretation of The Perth’s Jacob’s Ladder.

Access to the location and access to the vehicle

The City has completed building of the Manning Park stairway from the southern parking lot in Manning Lake to the eastern lookout. The trail connects to the newly upgraded western lookout. The stairs are one of Davilak Heritage Trail, which begins at the Azelia Ley Homestead and winds along the ridge to the lookouts.

Be fit today!

The absence the number of hills that exist in Perth has resulted in Jacob’s Ladder in Kings Park an ideal spot for fitness. It was the only fitness step within Perth up until recently. However, a similar outdoor facility located in Manning Park in Hamilton Hill is now open, meaning that those who live in the suburbs of the south don’t have to go as far to become fit. The Manning Steps are the initial name of the brand-new exercise steps. They are so new that the view point on the top remains to be finished however, the stairs are popular among local fitness enthusiasts.

After I climbed those 192 stairs on Sunday, I was joined by more than a dozen people taking the same steps up and down the steps. For those who are just beginning their fitness journey There are a variety of rest areas with benches in which they can rest if they want to, and take in the view.

Manning Steps Manning Steps are part of the city’s plans to finish the Davilak Trail within Manning Park and provide easy access to the hill’s lookout. The staircase starts at the southern car park located at Manning Lake (at the south end of Davilak Avenue) and leads up to the eastern lookout which offers stunning views of Cockburn Sound, the Darling Scarp and Cockburn Sound.

The Manning Steps is fifty steps lower than the steps of 242 on Mt Eliza on Jacob’s Ladder It’s just that you’ll need to climb up and down more times to get the same quantity of workout. If you’re preparing for a trek in Nepal or simply need to get healthier for the summer months and the summer months, going up the Manning Steps is a good start.

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