Fremantle Christian College

Fremantle Christian College

The choice of a schooling system that is suitable for the child you have chosen among the most crucial choices you’ll make as the family. We at Fremantle Christian College we partner with parents to offer an experience that is transformational and can prepare your child to lead a productive and fulfilled life. We’re dedicated to giving faith and hope through the Christ-centered culture as well as an outstanding education program.

As an open-enrollment both in secondary and primary college we welcome families of any background to benefit from the many opportunities that our community can offer and enjoy the assistance of our knowledgeable faculty, a stimulating curriculum, and our high-quality pastoral care services. We’re dedicated to the education of every student as he strives to be the best academically. we are committed to the growth of character, faith, and Courage in each student.

Fremantle Christian College has been serving families and students within Fremantle and the Cockburn and Fremantle regions for the past more than 25 years. The college has maintained a good reputation in the local community, and is able to offer something unique in helping children prepare for the future and helping them become the best they are.

We would like to invite you to come visit us and explore our College. We would like to work with you in providing faith and hope to your family members through Christian education.

Contact the College for further information and an opportunity to visit the campus.


Fremantle Christian College has a long and extensive tradition. It was founded in 1903 when Hamilton Hill Primary School was established to relieve the burden of a growing number of students at Coogee primary school. The first classrooms constructed in 1903 are still on the site and are designated as heritage through Cockburn Council. Cockburn Council. The old Hamilton Hill School closed, the campus was occupied during 1989 with Southern Christian Academy, which changed its name to Calvary Christian College in 1993. In 2003, the college was taken over as a part of the New Life Christian Community, an active and growing church located in Fremantle and was renamed New Life Christian College. Then in the year 2014, the Board as per their conviction that the College could eventually have a major regional impact, changed the branding of this school, and chose to change its title as Fremantle Christian College. A request to extend the school’s year-long levels College was made shortly thereafter and the approval was granted by the Minister of Education in August 2014. Fremantle Christian College’s future Fremantle Christian College is exciting and vast. Plans to expand the current campus are in the process of being developed as we grow to become an all-single streamed primary school. We will also add the possibility of a secondary school that is double streamed which will cater for the growing population of the region around.


In 2014 New Life Christian College was re-branded Fremantle Christian College. The new logo is vastly different from the previous one however, it still speaks of an uncompromising, consistent and evolving idea to the College.

The new logo is an appealing and varied “nest” and an enticing regional name against a vibrant blue background. The nest symbolizes the nurturing atmosphere that has been the feature at the College. The various sizes, colours and patterns of over laps on the sticks reflects the diverse nature in the College community as well as the true connection between the people. The nest, which is hidden in the nest, bears the delicate image of the cross. This is a reflection of the central place of Jesus Christ holds in Fremantle Christian College. Every thing we do and aim to comes from belief in God and the desire to proclaim His name.

Fremantle Christian College has located very close to Perth Cash 4 Cars. you can check below Google Maps.