Scrapping vehicles is becoming increasingly popular, as it’s simple, has many benefits and is a great alternative to selling. However, there are still common worries and myths around the legitimacy of scrapping, which is why Perth Cash 4 Cars has debunked misconceptions and addressed common worries, so you can rest assured that scrapping a vehicle is always a good solution. Plus, we’ll tell you how to scrap your vehicle the easy way!

1. “Is scrapping your vehicle dodgy?”

In the past, selling vehicles for scrap could seem a little bit sketchy depending on where you’re looking. Back in the day, there were not many regulations in place so facing dodgy deals and untrustworthy dealers was not uncommon. However, legislation introduced meant that all scrap dealers must prove transactions with traceable evidence, making the process more secure and reliable. This legislation put an end to paying in cash or cheque and ensures you can prove the transaction and exchange, this stopped rogue traders from selling stolen materials.

2. “Are there hidden costs when scrapping your vehicle?”

Another common misconception of the scrap car industry is that there are hidden costs along the way. This can be true depending on the scrap company you are using. You could face extra charges for collection or the condition of your vehicle. However, companies like us here at Perth Cash 4 Cars, ensure there are no hidden costs that will sting you along the way – we offer a completely free service. It’s worth checking the fine print and doing your research on any company you use beforehand so you’re clear on extra costs and services.

3. “Isn’t scrapping a vehicle just for crash damaged vehicles?”

When it comes to scrapping, you’ll see a lot of vehicles that are scrapped have sustained some damage, either from an accident or from an MOT failure. This is because selling a damaged or broken vehicle is difficult, not many people want to buy a damaged car unless they are looking for a project or looking for parts. However, scrapping is a great alternative to selling, as you can scrap any vehicle regardless of its condition, make or model. So whether you’re having difficulty selling your vehicle or are looking for a quick way to free up some extra space, scrapping your car or van can be a time-efficient and financially rewarding way to do it.

4. “Is car scrapping bad for the environment?”

Both cars and vans are made up of different kinds of metals and recyclable materials which can go on to be used in other vehicles or a number of various construction products. In the Australia, legal car scrappage centres must adhere to environmental regulations that include the recycling of different parts and materials. Metals such as steel can be reused in other vehicles and tyres can be melted down and used as roadbeds or racetrack and playground surfaces. Glass from windscreens and windows can be recycled over and over again, used in other vehicles or used for bottles, ornaments and even builders sand. 

Scrapping is no longer a hassle or complicated process, it’s actually really simple and you only need a few details to get started.  We’ll arrange delivery on a day and time that suits you, and give you a hand with the paperwork. No hidden costs or nasty extras, just a straightforward scrappage service.

Scrap your vehicle the easy way

Perth Cash 4 Cars works hard to secure you the best deal possible when you scrap your car or sell your damaged car or van.