All Saints’ Parish of Bull Creek-Leeming

All Saints' Parish of Bull Creek-Leeming

All Saints’ Parish History

Bull Creek Parish Bull Creek Parish was originally part of the Parish of Mt Pleasant which initiated services at the church in 1974. It was then in Leeming-Bullcreek-Bateman Parish until 1990 when it was inaugurated as the Parochial District of Bullcreek-Bateman. The Parish of Bullcreek Leeming was officially inaugurated on 09.12.2004.

Leeming parish Leeming parish was first established in 1976 by Rev. John Abraham who built a two-storey residence located at 2. Butson Street, Leeming. Services were held in the downstairs space. The church’s founding was around an intention-based Christian Community in which two families wanted to share the Christian faith in a community. The original form of the church removed on 30.06.1978 and, in 2000, services were held at the Leeming Recreation Centre in Farrington Road.

The Parochial District of Leeming-Willetton was officially established in 1976. The Parochial District of Leeming-Bullcreek-Bateman, which was inaugurated as a Parish on 11.08.1988, was divided into two areas on 01-02-1990: a) the Parochial District of Leeming [since become a Parish] and b) the Parochial District of Bullcreek-Bateman. The suburban area in Leeming was the entirety that was part of Leeming Parish. In 2004, the two parishes Leeming as well as Bull Creek Bateman were merged to form the Parish of Bull Creek-Leeming.

In the evening of 31.05.1980 Archbishop Sambell presented a plaque to mark the opening of All Saints School, which was the first Anglican school built in the years since the original Anglican Schools were established in the early part of the 20th century. The school officially opened on 08.02 of 1981, by the Bishop Challen. The Bull Creek-Bateman Parish utilized different spaces within the school to hold services until the college was able to construct the chapel in 1989. All Saints Collegiate Chapel was officially inaugurated by the archbishop Carnley on the Sunday 10.12.1989. The chapel was constructed in the hands of the architect Greg Howlett of the firm of Howlett and Bailey and it was named with the category One Award from the Royal Australian Institute of Architects in 1991. The chapel has a gorgeous semicircular worship space that has glass windows lining the walls that allow an intimate connection between God’s creation outside and the worshipers within. The chapel has become an open space for worship for the All Saints’ college and the Bull Creek-Leeming Parish.

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