All Saints’ College

All Saints' College

We are proudly Anglican All Saints College is non-selective. the diversity of our students is part of our DNA. Diversity among our college students’ genders, capabilities or abilities, their culture as well as their interests and paths. The College is committed to reflecting its diversity in the community within the which students collaborate, create and solving problems. As consequently we are extremely proud of our “grounded” graduates who, instead of feeling entitled display in many ways their responsibility towards their communities.

To achieve this and in conjunction with a variety of partners In collaboration with a network of partners, in collaboration with a network of partners, the College provides a diverse personalised learning environment where students gain a deep, authentic moral, empathic and compassionate view. Our students are transcending the traditional limits of education and thriving in real-world environments as they co-create a future that is based on collaboration and creativity.


College History

The All Saints’ College has been recognized as the most prestigious provider of coeducation . It was established in the year 1981. It began with just 100 students in Years 7 and 8 The junior as well as senior year were gradually added, and the class graduating in 1985 our first ever ‘Old saints’. The College is now home to a student body of over 1330 students starting from Pre-Kindergarten until Year 12.

The College is governed by five principals:

Dr Eric Speed (1981-1987)

Dr Eric Speed, the Foundation Principal of All Saints’ College, was the Foundation Principal of Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School in 1972. In 1978, he transferred to The University of Wisconsin and gained his PhD in 1979. After his experience in All Saints’, Dr Speed was director of The Western Australian International College and was frequently sought out for his services as an consultant in the field of education.

Mr Anthony London (1987-2000)

Mr. Anthony London was the second Principal of All Saints’ College. He had been in charge for 13 years. It was the longest tenure of the Principals to date. Prior to his appointment at All Saints’, Mr London was a teacher as a Senior House Master, the Senior Boarding House Master of Christ Church Grammar School from 1971 to 1980 . He was also the Vice Director at St Joseph’s College, Albany from 1981 until 1987. He left in 2000 to concentrate on poetry writing and humanitarian work across India.

Rev Peter Laurence (2001- 2002)

The reverend Peter Laurence served the College for two years. Before joining the College the Rev. Laurence was the Deputy Director (1991-94) and later the Principal (1994-2000) at Trinity Anglican School in Cairns. He quit All Saints’ to become Director of the Anglican Schools Commission of Western Australia and overseeing the massive growth that has reached three Australian states.

Dr Geoffrey Shaw (2003 -2011)

Dr. Geoffrey Shaw held the Principalship for nine years. Before joining the College Dr Shaw was the Senior Master at Camberwell Grammar School in Victoria from 1992 until 1999. Dr Shaw joined All Saints’ to be Dean of Studies between 2000 and 2002. He was appointed Principal in 2003. He retired in the year 2011.

Ms Belinda Provis (2013-)

Ms Belinda Provis is the first woman to hold the role of Principal at the College and is our second-longest-serving custodian. Before joining the College Mrs. Provis was the Director of Student Services in Scotch College, Adelaide from 1999 to 2003. She also served as the as Principal at Seymour College, Adelaide from 2003 until 2012.

Heritage Week

Every year , staff students, alumni, and our community unite to celebrate Heritage Week to reflect on the achievements of the past and present as well as looking forward at our future as well as the legacy that our that our students create every day. Through activities in the Senior and Junior School, Heritage Week is an important event on the year-long College calendar, recognizing with gratitude the work of the previous generation of families, students, and faculty who helped shape our College and helped position the College as among America’s most prestigious schools.

Virtual Timeline

The All Saints’ College unveiled its online timeline during Heritage Week 2018. The timeline is divided into three sections, covering the College’s facilities and events, as well as the individuals.

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