So rumor has it you’re trying to revive the glory days of your automobile. Maybe it’s a late great rider that has that retro potential and it just needs that extra boost. Maybe you simply need cash for your car, or maybe it’s a new vehicle that you simply want it to maintain it’s gloss and glamour. Whatever it may be, you’ve come to the right place. Depending on the season, the strategy changes. However, the concept stays the same.


Here I will give the ultimate tips to make your vehicle the whisper of the town! First we have to understand that proper maintenance on any vehicle is key to keeping any vehicle around for a long time. The same concept and tactics relate to body transformations, career field knowledge, etc. They all need to stay sharp at all times to retain prime value.

The life of any car shows in its appearance. If the car is dust covered, rotted, in the mud in a corner somewhere, chances are it doesn’t work. If a car has rust and dust but still drives, chances are it’s headed for that mud corner or the junkyard. Not because of the age but because of the lack of maintenance that’s been done on it.

But now when you look around and see a vibrant red cherry 1972 classic with stunning wheels and an interior to die for, you assume that the owner has class, money and a good work ethic. The condition of your vehicle truly does speak volume about the owner. If I drove a 2019 Lamborghini right now, someone would think I was famous, rich, or approaching. But then when the same person drives a normal 2005 Toyota Camry, he’s viewed as basic, normal, cheap, etc.

I’m not saying to care what people think about you, i’m just stating that people do assume very much about you from your daily driver. What if I told you I can make your normal car get the reaction of a Lamborghini?

Would you call me crazy? You probably would. Understandably.

You’d be surprised at how many elements can assist in destroying your car’s appeal. Things like stains, earth materials, dust, leaves, and many more factors that would make your vehicle look worse than it may be. It also gives the impression that you haven’t kept the vehicle all around clean.

Enough chit-chat let’s get right down to business.


Get it detailed: Nearly all car expert sources recommend you spend the $100-200 for this service. Detailers help make the car look new again by removing light scratches and paint imperfections, buffing the car, shampooing the carpets, degreasing the engine, and more.

Hand wash your vehicle – A study showed that over time general car washes begin to take off the paint of a vehicle due to chemicals and aggressive brushes. To maximize the natural gloss and shine of your vehicle, hand wash with a loose cloth. Make sure the cloth has thick soft bristles. This makes it more of a massage for the car instead of scraping it. Go in broad circular motions and use a gentle detergent or natural cleaner.

Park your car inside or under shade – This step is vital to any vehicles quality of look. Regardless of the season, leaving your car outside naturally does damage to your vehicle’s appearance. Debris can get inside of the vehicle, sun rays can burn the paint off and or leave it looking dry, etc. Parking it inside or under shade eliminates the chance of these things happening and your vehicle retains its natural vibrant color.

Toothpaste to wash your tires & defog your lights? Yes – Have you ever wondered how over time teeth whitening toothpaste can make our teeth shades whiter? Well there are many cleaning and reviving chemicals inside of each regular tube of paste. These chemicals are fluoride, antibacterial agents, desensitizing agents, anti-tartar agents, sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), enzymes, and xylitol. Toothpaste can be used for CD’s, mirrors, etc. Using them on your tires and lights is a cheap yet effective way to get the job done without special tools.

NEVER spray paint your vehicle – If your goal is to have the best looking vehicle along with best quality, don’t spray paint. Have you ever heard the saying ‘’Don’t mix paint with paint’’? That applies here also. People normally use spray paint once for emergencies or if they clean up many cars that are meant for basic road traveling. Not for showing off. Over time the paints oils will mix and will take away from both. If you did a before and after pic the difference truly shows.

Use self car washes and add the gloss option – I do however recommend the self car washes with the gentle spray rinse factor. When using the self wash at your local car wash, usually there is a gloss or shine option you can use. Once that is activated, do a even coat all around and then hit the more visible spots that may need more of a shine than others. Using this feature gives your car genuine shine as if you’re in a spot light. If you combine this tip with vibrant colors and clean wheels you’ll for sure stand out among the normal. However, this last tip may take you over the top……… For good.

Consistent usage of steps 1-6 – Hmm….. Was that a bad cliffhanger? Well, don’t get out your pitchforks for me just yet. Hear me out. The one thing that separates good looking vehicles from great looking and show stopping ones is this one step. Consistency. To put it into perspective, consider it practice for a basketball player. When it comes to basketball, it amazes me because it doesn’t matter if you’re the most in shape and fit person in the world. If you step onto a basketball court for the first time, you’re going to be winded, rusty, tired, slow, etc. Everyone else may be bigger, more out of shape, but there’s a good chance they will outrun and outplay you unless you’ve been practicing consistently.

Don’t believe me? Go try and start your car after letting it sit for a year. Do you see my point? Now that you are well versed in the art of exterior detailing, next time we will take a look and give you the best interior car detailing tips!

I hope that you have enjoyed what has been written here and that you understand using these tips on a regular basis will not only let your car stand out and remain clean, it will also prevent future rust, discoloration, burns etc. So with just a little effort you can easily protect your vehicle for decades if you simply put in a little time with these effective car detailing tips. For more great content, continue to check back! We appreciate your time.

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