Auto repairs are a pain. No one expects them to happen, even though they always do, and when they do happen, it often seems like the end of the world, no matter if you’re prepared or not and chances are, you’re not.

And somehow, your car or truck seems to pick the most inopportune moment to break down; on the way to work, right before dropping the kids off at daycare, on the way to pick up your date, during that cross country trip you and your friends have been planning since graduation.

Sometimes the car problem isn’t too bad; a flat tire, a broken fan belt, or a dilapidated starter. But sometimes, the repairs are outrageously expensive, leaving you sick to your stomach and your bank account drained.

So, what are the most expensive car repairs? Here is a list of the top 3 most expensive auto repairs that you want to avoid at all costs – no pun intended.


#3 Most Expensive Auto Repair – A blown head gasket

The purpose of the head gasket is to keep coolant and oil from leaking. In an internal combustion engine, it fits snugly between the cylinder head and the cylinder block. It does its job well, until it’s blown and this means serious business. This is not something you can procrastinate getting fixed. While the replacement part is inexpensive, it is the labor costs that will really break the bank. Why? Because getting to the head gasket to replace it takes a lot time for an auto mechanic. 

#2 Most Expensive Auto Repair – Transmission

Number two on our list of the most expensive auto repairs is the transmission. If you drive an automatic, chances are you may need to replace the transmission at some point, especially if you don’t keep up on changing the transmission fluid every two to three years. If you drive a manual vehicle, don’t ride the clutch as this will cause unnecessary wear on the transmission.

#1 Most Expensive Auto Repair – Blown engine

The number one most expensive and most common auto repair is a blown engine. What usually causes a blown engine is a damaged valve, a broken rod, or leaking oil. It’s not usual for a new car to have a blown engine, unless you never do maintenance like getting the oil changed. Most often, it’s older cars with high mileage that suffers from a blown engine. Either way, this type of auto repair is very, very expensive. Although it depends on the make, model and year of your vehicle, along with other variables such as where your get your vehicle fixed. If your car is really old, sometimes it makes sense to cut your losses and get rid of a car with a blown engine, selling it for parts, and buying yourself a brand new car or used care with low mileage.

While avoiding car repairs is virtually impossible, they can oftentimes be prevented with regular maintenance. Be sure to have your fluids checked regularly, get your oil changed every three months or three thousand miles, and put some money aside for when the inevitable happens. Also, don’t be afraid to shop around to get the best price on auto repairs, especially if the problem is one of the three listed above.

Ready to Sell Your Used Car and Buy a New One?

If your vehicle is off the road because of one of these expensive auto repairs, and you don’t have the money to fix it or it’s just not work fixing, give us a call and we’ll pay you top dollar on the spot for your junk car – and tow it away for free!