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Manage It

For over a decade, Manage It has remained at the forefront of plan management, leveraging advanced online tools and an extensive understanding of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) in Australia.

Their expertise lies in providing specialized services tailored to the management of individualized funding within the disability, community, and mental health care sectors. As an accredited plan management provider with the NDIS, they harness their profound knowledge and intuitive online platforms to oversee you’re funding, empowering you with financial acumen and effective plan management skills.

Situated in Belmont, Western Australia, their dedicated team comprises over 15 seasoned plan managers and support personnel. They are committed to delivering personalized and comprehensive management solutions for the plans, finances, and lifestyles of each NDIS participant under their care.

The journey began with their founding director, Colin Andison, whose career as a support worker for individuals with disabilities and the elderly spanned both London and Perth. His passion for facilitating community reintegration after extensive rehabilitation laid the foundation for his subsequent endeavors.

In 1996, Colin established a disability support organization specializing in assisting individuals with Acquired Brain Injury and other complex needs in transitioning to and thriving in community living—a visionary initiative predating the advent of disability support packages. His expertise soon garnered recognition from government bodies and care organizations, leading to requests for his services.

In February 2013, Colin embarked on a new venture, founding Manage It to provide self-management and shared management services. Over time, Manage It emerged as a leading independent plan management service, devoid of affiliations with other service providers, following the sale of the original support organization.

Today, Manage It stands as a pioneer in Plan Management services, recognized as among the first registered Plan Management organizations in Western Australia and Australia at large.

Colin’s involvement in the NDIS trial site in Perth and collaboration with key stakeholders facilitated the refinement of Self-Management and Shared Management systems. His innovative spirit led to the development of cutting-edge software tailored for NDIS claims, budgeting, payments, and payroll, culminating in the creation of a comprehensive CRM platform. This platform, equipped with Single Touch Payroll Phase 2 integration, boasts a fully functional and customizable client portal, revolutionizing the management of NDIS services.

As they continue to expand their horizons, the leadership team at Manage It eagerly welcomes individuals who share their commitment to empowering others in navigating their NDIS obligations. Join them as they embark on this journey of growth and transformation, making a meaningful impact on the lives of NDIS participants across Australia.


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