Kidogo Arthouse

Kidogo Arthouse

Joanna Robertson is a recognised as a leader in the field of arts across Western Australia. Kidogo’s growth has been thanks to Joanna’s visionary conviction that everything can be achieved. Joanna’s vibrant energy is the core of Kidogo Arthouse.

The year 1993 was when Joanna was inspired to establish an arts school that is independent of Western Australia, that specialised in the use of skill-based Fine Art techniques, which became known by the name of Kidogo Institute. Kidogo Art Institute Kidogo Art Institute delivered art classes across Perth but it was always located on the beautiful stone-built heritage building which Joanna called”the Kidogo Arthouse. Joanna’s ability to spot and exploit gaps in the education and arts areas in Australia has led to Kidogo quickly becoming a successful cultural center that has played a crucially in encouraging and nurturing young Aboriginal as well as non-Aboriginal artists.

A prestigious award-winning Irish artist from Ireland, Joanna was a student of Dublin’s highly regarded National College of Art and Design’s five-year diploma with a major in Fine Art. As an artist professional and art lecturer in Ireland as well as Australia, USA as well as Australia in the year 1981. Joanna exhibits in international art shows for over 35 years.

Joanna was born in Tanzania she had her schooling in Ireland and was a fine artist at Paris and Dublin she was awarded prizes and recognition from critics from Ireland for her art work. She was awarded an extended period of “Visiting Artist’s Residency” to North Carolina, USA. She was selected to serve as an artist-in-residence on famous Russian Icebreaker “KAPITAN KHLEBNIKOV” in the Arctic Circle.

Joanna is the leader artist of”Kidogo Artists’ Team “Kidogo Artists’ Team” who have designed one of the Perth’s most breathtaking large-scale Public Art Designs collaborating with Perth Metropolitan Aboriginal Artists.

Kidogo Arthouse holds a multitude of events and experiences that are unique all through the year, such as concerts, exhibitions as well as live music events. It’s also a sought-after location to hold weddings and private parties due to its perfect location and the grandeur of the building.The venue is frequently altered to match the appearance and feel of the seasons occasions, adding new and exciting events to the already vibrant environment. The venue has been a favorite among local artists and is currently on its way to becoming a landmark in WA’s WA musical scene as there is an increasing amount of highly sought-after local and international artists playing in the galleries.

Kidogo Arthouse has located very close to Perth Cash 4 Cars. you can check below Google Maps.