Fremantle Prison

Fremantle Prison

Fremantle Prison was built as an inmate barracks for convicts in the 19th century. It remained operational until 1991. The prison was the scene where people were flogged, hanged as well as dramatic escapes of convicts and prisoner protests. Inmates included imperial convicts colonial prisoners, foreigners prisoners of war and maximum security detainees.

The first convict vessel was launched into Fremantle Harbour in 1850. In 1850, the Convict Establishment, as the prison was originally referred to as, was built by convict labor from 1852 to 1859 with limestone quarrying from the area. The first prisoners were moved into the main cell block in 1855.

The Establishment was changed to Fremantle Prison in 1867. The transportation stopped the following year when the Hougoumont transported those who were last inmates to Fremantle. Around 10 000 convicts were transported through the establishment between 1850 until 1868.

In the beginning, only convicts from the imperial system were held in Fremantle Prison. In 1886, fewer than 60 convicts had been confined in the prison, which was built to accommodate 1000 prisoners. Perth Gaol closed and Fremantle Prison was the colony’s main location of confinement for men as well as juveniles, women and men. In the wake of the massive population growth of the gold rush of 1890s, Fremantle Prison became busy once more.

A larger space needed to be discovered for the growing prison population. Following it was decided that Rottnest Island Aboriginal Prison was shut down in 1903, prisoners of Fremantle Prison were sent to the island to complete public work. The new Division was established and officially was opened in 1907. In the Second World War, the Australian Defence Department sequestered part of the prison to use as a detention facility for military personnel. There were a lot of Italian Australians, identified as “enemy aliens” were held in Fremantle during the conflict.

After a string of prisoner riots, and increasing concern about the conditions in prison the royal commission of 1983 recommended that the prison be closed. Female prisoners were already moved to new facilities in Bandyup Women’s Prison in 1970. Fremantle was closed on November 8, 1991 and the inmates relocated onto Casuarina Prison, replacing Fremantle Prison as the main state prison with the highest security.

Following the closure of the prison, after its closure, the WA state government commenced an long-term conservation plan in order to ensure that the prison’s protection is secured for the future. Fremantle Prison is one of the largest convict prisons that remain worldwide.

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