Fremantle College

Fremantle College

We at Fremantle College we are committed to encouraging your child’s passion for learningand fostering their interest and leadership. We have high expectations of academic success, along with our welcoming, vibrant and supportive learning environment will ensure that your child receives an exceptional education.

The needs and interests of students are taken care of in all subject areas and classrooms. Our highly experienced and skilled instructors provide learning opportunities and experiences that are specifically designed to assist students in their academic development as well as the development of their emotions.

The learning programs are designed to provide students with many options in every subject area, starting beginning in Year 7 and continuing until Year 12. A variety of elective courses gives students the motivation to start their academic journeys in their chosen fields which allows students to take charge in their own individual path to their future.

In Fremantle College our aim is to unleash and fulfill the potential of every student’s education. Fremantle College’s Excellence in Teaching and Learning Framework and Tiers of Intervention Model are integrated into every classroom. Differentiation strategies support students’ academic progress and engagement by allowing for the explicit adaptation of learning experiences to meet the specific needs of each student. Structures and programs for support are designed to function alongside our main curriculum, providing specific and specific interventions for students who are in need.

The belief that we hold in the value of Positive Education, which blends academic learning and students’ needs for wellbeing and needs, is the foundation of Fremantle College’s strategy to improving student outcomes. Based upon the College Values of Kindnessand Perseverance and Leadership Students are encouraged to exhibit positive traits in the daily interactions they have with their peers and also to develop their own personal qualities.

A multi-faceted method of STEM learning, which includes participation with the department’s STEM Enterprise programme, which allows best practice from around the world to be incorporated into every education delivery. Students are taught to use 21st century skills in all of their studies, and develop the capacity to apply their knowledge across every aspect of their learning. By focusing on real-world problems students are able to develop solutions for problems of the future today.

Here at Fremantle College we work with our students to prepare them for their future careers and constantly encouraging strength Respect, Honesty, and Success.


The most recent additions to the college’s facilities include an arts and performing centre along with state-of-the art labs for science multimedia and visual arts facilities, and a mechatronics laboratory specifically devoted to robotics and technological advancements.

Designing collaborative meeting spaces as well as specifically designed Student Services support areas is crucial for your child’s academic as well as social well-being and care. These contemporary outdoor spaces will allow your child to work, play or chat and unwind.

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