Esplanade Park

Esplanade Park

Esplanade Park is a public park situated directly next the Fishing Boat Harbour and sits between Fishing Boat Harbour and the city.

Esplanade Park is a beautiful grassed park, ideal to picnic or just for kids to play. In the center of the park is an enormous and extremely popular playground for kids with plenty of shade provided by approximately 100 mature Norfolk Island Pine trees.

Esplanade Park is also home to several other attractions , including The Esplanade Youth Plaza as well as Skyview Wheel. Skyview Wheel (Ferris Wheel) with an incredible panoramic view of Fishing Boat Harbour to Rottnest in the West and towards mountains of Perth to the East.

In Esplanade Park, you’ll also discover Explorers Monument.

Esplanade Park is an affluent reserve located in Fremantle, Western Australia. It is situated at the end of Marine Terrace and opposite the Esplanade Hotel, the reserve contains around 100 mature Norfolk Island pines (araucaria heterophylla) as well as The Explorers’ Monument.

The park is also named Fremantle Esplanade as well as Fremantle Oval. This is in conflict with the name currently used for the nearby Fremantle Oval which was previously called ‘Barracks Green Field’. The park is referred to as “Fremantle Park” is located in the area between Ord as well as Ellen Streets, Fremantle


Prior to the creation in 1831 of the Swan River Colony, the southern Fremantle foreshore was roughly in the same line as the area where Marine Terrace (previously called Fitzgerald Terrace) is now. In 1831, just two years after the establishment, Henry Reveley built a stone jetty near perhaps at least from Anglesea Point near Bathers Beach. A second Jetty (South Jetty) was constructed in 1854 on the exact location. The winter storms caused destruction to the foreshore structures and a sea wall was constructed through convicts (c.1880) which helped alleviate the issue, however, sea encroachment and sand drift continued. In 1873, the kilometre-long Long Jetty was constructed nearby and extended across Anglesea Point.

In 1902, more land was cleared from the ocean and the Esplanade was constructed through the help of the state government. Also, the return of the section of privately owned land belonging to J. Briggs M.L.C.A Bandstands were officially opened in. The first Norfolk Island Pines were planted in 1908.The the first Norfolk Island Pines began to be planted in 1908.

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