East to West Plant Services

East to West Plant Services

East to West Plant Services stands tall as Australia’s premier civil construction and plant hire company, catering to the diverse needs of Western Australia and New South Wales across civil, private, and construction sectors. Founded by industry veterans Richard McNamara and Shane Finnerty, boasting a wealth of combined experience spanning four decades, both domestically and internationally.

At the heart of their operation lies a commitment to excellence, underpinned by their ISO accreditation, making them the partner of choice for your next project. What sets them apart is their unwavering dedication to open communication, seamless teamwork, and active engagement with every endeavor they undertake.

Teamwork: Collaboration and communication are the cornerstones of their approach, ensuring that every member of their team is aligned in their commitment to delivering quality outcomes. They leverage the appropriate skill sets to overcome any challenges encountered, all while adhering to rigorous ISO standards.

Excellence: With expert operators at their helm, they seamlessly integrate into your project, delivering cost-effective and environmentally sound solutions. Their adherence to ISO standards guarantees the highest levels of quality and safety across all their endeavors.


  • Utility Installation: From coast to coast, their expertise in utility installation is unmatched.
  • Civil Construction: Tailored solutions designed to meet the unique needs of your project.
  • Formwork & Concrete: From minor works to Tier One contracts, they deliver excellence at every turn.
  • Customized Turnkey Plant Hire: Their fleet is available 24/7, 365 days a year, ensuring uninterrupted support for your project.
  • Wheeled Excavators: With one of Australia’s largest fleets, they provide the machinery you need, when you need it.

Civil Construction: Their specialist machinery and extensive project experience enable them to meticulously navigate around underground utility services, making them the ideal choice for small civil utility works.

Formwork: At East to West, they excel in delivering cost-efficient, customer-focused solutions, catering to projects of all sizes, from minor works to major civil projects.

Plant Hire: Let East to West customize a complete turnkey plant hire solution for your next civil, commercial, or construction project, ensuring seamless operation and unmatched support throughout the entire project lifecycle.

Choose East to West Plant Services for your next endeavor and experience the pinnacle of excellence in civil construction and plant hire.


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