Collar Group

Collar Group

Collar Group, established in 2021, isn’t your typical recruitment agency; they’re dedicated growth partners. With over 450 years of combined experience in recruitment, they deeply understand the industry, fostering success at every step. As a specialist in generalist recruitment, they excel across various sectors. Their unique approach of hiring experts has positioned them as Australia’s fastest-growing agency.

Their primary focus is people. Leveraging technology, they facilitate seamless candidate onboarding and engage clients effortlessly. With 13 offices spread across Australia, they’re equipped to turn staffing challenges into victories every day of the year.

At Collar, they transcend the role of recruiters; they’re catalysts for change and advocates for potential. Committed to holistic wellbeing, their drive is to shape a brighter future. This commitment is encapsulated in their motto: Recruit a Better Way at Collar.

Collaboration is the cornerstone of their success. Their team comprises seasoned recruiters esteemed within the industry for their collaborative spirit. Recognizing the power of teamwork, they handpick their employees to ensure team cohesiveness. By combining their strengths and collaborating on every placement, they’ve earned the reputation of being the agency clients prefer due to their people.

Accountability is ingrained in their ethos. They believe in constantly improving, benchmarking themselves with each project, and adhering to the highest industry standards outlined by RCSA guidelines. Continuous learning drives them to enhance their services, aiming to be the most customer-centric recruiter in Australia.

Their ethos is grounded in humility. They value simplicity over extravagance, focusing on becoming Australia’s premier recruiting agency by treating everyone with the respect they deserve. This approach has attracted a team of humble recruiters, fostering a community and culture they’re immensely proud of.

The wellbeing of their team and candidates is paramount. They uphold a duty of care, prioritizing their wellbeing in every facet of their operations. Striving to be the most accredited recruitment agency, they’ve prioritized accreditations like Great Place To Work and Family Friendly Workplaces, showcasing their commitment to wellbeing.

Safety is fundamental to their operations. They collaborate closely with clients to understand workplace needs and candidate risks. Beyond industry standards, they provide additional PPE, temperature control options, comprehensive training, ensuring candidates feel safe and comfortable in their roles.

Respect forms the core of their values. Whether internally or externally, they treat everyone with unwavering respect, fostering collaboration, accountability, humility, prioritizing wellbeing, and ensuring safety in every aspect of their operations. Respect for their clients, candidates, and teammates guides their actions, inspiring them to uphold these values in all their endeavors.


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