Collar Group

Collar Group

Founded in 2021, Collar® is not your typical recruitment agency; they consider themselves growth partners. With over 450 years of combined recruitment experience, they are deeply immersed in the industry, consistently crafting success for their clients. As generalist specialists, they possess the expertise to recruit across various sectors, which has helped them rapidly become Australia’s fastest-growing agency.

People-Centric Approach

At Collar®, people are at the heart of everything they do. Their advanced technology facilitates seamless candidate onboarding and client engagement, ensuring a smooth and efficient process. With 13 offices spread across Australia, they are well-equipped to transform staffing challenges into triumphs every single day of the year.

More Than Just Recruiters

They pride themselves on being more than just recruiters; they are catalysts for change and champions of potential. Committed to the wellbeing of their clients and candidates, they are driven by the goal of creating a better future for everyone they serve. This commitment is encapsulated in their motto: “Recruit a Better Way at Collar®.”

Their Values

Collaborative: At Collar®, they bring together the best of the best. Their team comprises the most experienced recruiters who are well-respected within the industry, largely due to their collaborative nature. They understand that no individual is more important than the team as a whole. They hand-pick all of their employees with team cohesiveness in mind. By pooling their strengths and working together on every placement, they have become the agency that clients prefer to work with, solely because of their exceptional people.

Accountability: They believe they are only as good as their last placement. This mentality keeps them accountable to their clients and candidates alike. By benchmarking themselves on each new project, their service continuously improves. They encourage continuous learning, ensure adherence to RCSA guidelines, and strive to be the most customer-centric recruiter in Australia.

Humble: They avoid flashy displays of success. You won’t find skyscrapers with the Collar® name or expensive retreats for their higher-ups. They believe in keeping things simple and deeply appreciating the amazing opportunity to become the greatest recruiting agency in Australia—not because of their profit margins, but because they treat everyone with the respect they deserve. This approach has attracted a team of humble recruiters, helping them create a community and culture to be proud of and grateful for.

Wellbeing: They value the wellbeing of their people above all else. They believe that all companies have a duty of care to their employees’ wellbeing, regardless of their location or role. They lead by example, prioritizing their team’s and candidates’ wellbeing in every aspect of their business. As a Great Place To Work-Certified company working towards Family Friendly Workplaces Accreditation, they are the most accredited recruitment agency in Australia.

Safety: Safety is paramount in everything they do. Daily, they place candidates in physically demanding roles. Therefore, they work closely with their clients to understand the specific needs of each workplace, position descriptions, and the level of risk their candidates might face. Beyond holding the ISO accreditation for Quality, Environment, and Health & Safety, they exceed industry standards. They provide their candidates with additional PPE garments, access to heating and cooling, extensive training, and any other resources they need to feel comfortable and safe throughout their placement.

Respect: Respect is the common thread linking all their values and shaping their approach at Collar®. Internally and externally, they treat everyone with the same high level of respect, regardless of title or standing. Their respect for clients, candidates, and fellow teammates inspires them to encourage collaboration, uphold accountability, stay humble, prioritize wellbeing, and ensure safety in all they do.


At Collar®, they are dedicated to making a positive impact in the recruitment industry. Their values drive them to deliver excellence in every interaction, ensuring that they remain a trusted partner for their clients and candidates. If you are looking for a recruitment agency that truly cares about your success and wellbeing, look no further than Collar®. Contact them today to experience the Collar® difference.


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