Brayco Stainless Perth

Brayco Stainless Perth

Established with a commitment to rectify prevalent issues such as subpar quality, unhelpful service, and a dearth of information, Brayco Stainless Perth emerged as a solution for designing and sourcing superior benches, sinks, and shelves tailored for commercial kitchen users. Focused on delivering high-quality products with a friendly approach and irresistibly attractive prices, even offering same-day delivery if required, Brayco has become synonymous with efficiency and excellence in the industry.

The core philosophy of Brayco centers around intelligent and honest expansion. Over the years, the product range has undergone dynamic growth, a progression often influenced by the valuable input and innovative ideas from customers. Despite this evolution, the unwavering commitment to quality remains paramount in the Brayco mission, which aims to provide superior, more practical, and easily assembled products at budget-friendly prices. The belief is simple: a cheaper alternative elsewhere is likely to be an inferior product.

The inception of Brayco unfolded two decades ago when the founder’s brother-in-law, Dan, found himself frustrated with startup costs while opening his third kebab joint. The emphasis was on stainless steel, and seizing an opportunity with a massive Asian factory, a small range of stainless steel benches was produced, marked by an attractive price point. The initial vision was clear – supply top-notch benches to hospitality entrepreneurs at a 40% discount compared to other market options.

From that modest beginning, Brayco has experienced substantial success, evolving from a container of six bench sizes to an extensive product line of over 450 items. The initial warehouse, which accommodated the limited inventory, has transformed into large warehouses strategically positioned across every capital in Australia and even extending into New Zealand.

In the span of two decades, Brayco’s sales achievements are noteworthy, having sold over 200,000 benches and 50,000 sinks. The cumulative length of their wall shelves, if placed end-to-end, would surpass the height of the Empire State Building sixfold.

The growth of Brayco is not only marked by an expanding product range but also by the dedication of its team, now numbering over 50 enthusiastic individuals. These team members are committed to being as helpful as possible to Brayco’s valued customers, embodying the ethos of the company. Brayco’s objective is not only to provide quality products but also to ensure that new customers can confidently approach them, just 48 hours before opening a new commercial kitchen, knowing that Brayco will facilitate a timely setup at an exceptionally reasonable cost.

In expressing gratitude, Brayco acknowledges its customers, the hardworking entrepreneurs who contribute to the culinary landscape by creating delicious offerings for a hungry populace. For those unfamiliar with Brayco, a warm welcome is extended, with the assurance that the dedicated team is ready to guide through the setup process. The company envisions sharing the next two decades with its customers, offering advice, spare parts, and unwavering support as they continue building their hospitality empires. To the loyal customer base of over 100,000, Brayco extends heartfelt thanks, appreciating their good humor, continued patronage, and general pleasantness throughout the years.


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