Alphacrucis University College – Perth Campus

Alphacrucis University College - Perth Campus

Established in 1948, Alphacrucis (AC) University College stands as a pioneering institution, shaping leaders poised for impactful careers across diverse fields such as business, chaplaincy, counselling, entrepreneurship, teaching, ministry, music, and theology.

Their journey since their inception as the Commonwealth Bible College in 1948 has been transformative. Through their video featuring AC President, Stephen Fogarty, and an array of accomplished alumni around the globe, witness the evolution of their institution and the profound impact of their graduates.

The trajectory of Alphacrucis (AC) has been marked by a profound legacy in ministry training, tracing its origins as the national training university college of the Australian Christian Churches. Over the years, they have been the crucible for thousands of Christian leaders, disseminating wisdom and expertise not only across Australia and New Zealand but also globally. Evolving into a multidisciplinary university college, their graduates are trailblazing in various spheres, catalyzing change in businesses, classrooms, and non-profit organizations.

At the heart of their ethos lies a steadfast mission – to equip Christian leaders to catalyze transformative change worldwide. Envisioning themselves as a global Christian university, their aspiration is to effect profound shifts, revitalizing communities and nations alike.

Aligned with the Doctrinal Basis of the Australian Christian Churches, Alphacrucis University College firmly roots itself as the national training university college of the ACC.

Their faculty and staff, hailing from diverse backgrounds, converge with a singular vision – to empower their students with skills that transcend boundaries, fostering impact within communities and nations. AC’s Graduate Research School is dedicated to fostering dynamic research across Theology, Business, Arts, Social Science, and Education. Their esteemed faculty and dedicated research candidates collaborate across multifaceted fields, endeavoring to innovate and integrate within these disciplines. Their commitment to research transcends theoretical frameworks, aiming to demonstrate the timeless relevance of Christian scriptures and traditions in the contemporary world. Through their research endeavors, they aim to bring tangible benefits to the church, contributing significantly to the growth and enrichment of Australian and global society.


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