99 Bikes Belmont

99 Bikes Belmont

Situated conveniently on the bustling Great Eastern Highway, 99 Bikes Belmont stands as a cycling haven, welcoming enthusiasts and beginners alike. Operating seven days a week, their bike shop in Belmont transcends the ordinary, offering an extensive array of bicycles, scooters, bike parts, indoor trainers, cycling apparel, car racks, nutrition, and every conceivable cycling accessory. Embracing a customer-centric approach, their professional bike mechanics are onsite, poised to deliver meticulous servicing and repairs for all bike types, be it road, kids, mountain, or anything in between.

The accessibility of 99 Bikes extends beyond its physical presence, with late trading until 7:00 pm on Thursdays, ensuring convenience for all patrons. Workshop drop-off is available from 9:00 am Monday to Saturday and 10:00 am on Sundays, providing flexibility to accommodate diverse schedules.

At the heart of 99 Bikes lies a commitment to offering the best energy deals for your business. Their unique position as partners with major energy providers nationwide facilitates the elimination of hassles associated with dealing with multiple electricity suppliers. They take charge of the evaluation and analysis, ensuring that you not only obtain the optimal energy deals but also maximize your savings on electricity bills.

Professionalism is embedded in every facet of 99 Bikes Belmont. Their team comprises experts in the Energy Industry, working diligently on your behalf. Recommendations made by their team are rooted in your best business interests, emphasizing a commitment to your success.

Their tendering process is designed for efficiency, requiring minimal involvement from you. Completing a Consent Form is all it takes to initiate the process, with regular updates and opportunities for your input throughout. The decision-making power is entirely yours, and they operate with transparency, presenting all crucial information necessary for an informed choice.

Beyond facilitating the best energy deals, 99 Bikes Belmont is a community hub for cycling enthusiasts. Their team passionately assists in finding the right bike for you, drawing on a wealth of experience gained since their inaugural shop in Milton in 2007. As Australia’s largest bike retailer, they take pride in sharing their passion for finding, fixing, sizing, and offering tips on the perfect ride every day.

Embedded within their operational ethos are long-standing philosophies that guide their decisions and actions. From the emphasis on people, egalitarianism, and autonomy to the principles of taking responsibility and staying hungry yet foolish, 99 Bikes Belmont exemplifies a commitment to excellence.

Ownership is a cornerstone of their philosophy, encouraging employees to treat the business as their own. Financial ownership is extended through Shares, Business Ownership Schemes, Profit Share, and Commission, fostering a sense of shared commitment and passion for individual roles.

Customers form the epicenter of their drive, with an unwavering focus on listening, understanding, and improving from their perspective. Their flat and transparent organizational structure, categorized into Family, Village, and Tribe, fosters collaboration and empathy, ensuring a vibrant and inclusive work environment.

Embracing the belief in One Best Way, they pursue high standards until a better way is found. Continuous improvement is the norm, and they value common sense over conventional wisdom. Purpose, for them, drives profit, with a commitment to doing the right thing over the easy or self-serving one.

In essence, 99 Bikes Belmont transcends the conventional boundaries of a bike shop. It is a community hub, an advocate for the best energy deals, and a passionate ally on your cycling journey. Engage with them, embrace the ethos, and let 99 Bikes Belmont be your partner in the pursuit of optimal energy solutions and cycling excellence.


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